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- Empowering lives through Martial Arts.

At Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy we are dedicated to teaching you strength of the body, mind and spirit. We will not only teach you the traditional styles and techniques, but also give you the tools to apply everything you learn to your everyday life.

 - Where excellence is the standard.


Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy offers a variety of self defense, fitness and specialized training classes at both of our facilities conveniently located in Sauk City and Richland Center Wisconsin. 

At Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy we do not discriminate against anyone due to age, gender, race, physical or mental abilities. We welcome all individuals from all paths of life.

We live in an age where bullying and shaming is unfortunately a common trend. At Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy we will provide you and/or your child with the proper mindset and tools to deal with such situations. We supply our students with the knowledge to avoid unwanted situations, the ability to cope with it and lastly the skills to defend themselves, if absolutely necessary.

Our number one drive is to assist you in reaching your goals. All within a family friendly, stress free environment.

(608) 643-3048
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Inner Power (Chi), Precision, Suppleness


Speed, Power, Agility


Strength, Tenacity, Ferocity


Grace, Balance, Patience


Rides the Wind, Fighting Spirit, Transcendence

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