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Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy is dedicated to sharing the greatness of our arts. 

Our Senior Belt program is focused towards children 5 to 12 years of age and consists of our upper ranking belts of blue up to black and beyond. We have strategically modified our children classes by splitting them into two separate classes. By doing so we can dedicate more attention onto those who have dedicated themselves down the path of self discovery by offering your child a more challenging curriculum.

Red Dragon Martial Arts instructors will guide your child through the advanced techniques needed to progress and will challenge their students to exceed their inner potential.

As a student your child will learn self confidence, self discipline, self respect, focus, teamwork, control, balance, memory, fitness and coordination all within a safe, fun environment.

At Red Dragon Martial Arts Academy we do not promote or tolerate bullying, disrespect, or any other negative behavior. Instead we will guide your child along a path to success by teaching them how to avoid dangerous situations, cope with being mistreated and how to defend themselves when necessary.

Contact us today and allow us to guide your child on a path to greatness and a successful future.

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